Konica Minolta Ranks Top at Environmental Management Survey

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) announced that it was ranked first place in the overall manufacturing sector at the 18th Environmental Management Survey conducted by Nikkei Inc.

The annual survey assesses environmental management of Japanese companies and recognizes initiatives toward sustainability in terms of both environment and business management. 1,729 manufacturers were invited to the survey and 419 companies responded.

Konica Minolta has been developing comprehensive environmental initiatives, including environmental management policies that combine reduction of environmental impact and growth in corporate value, plans to increase annual sales ratio of environmentally considerate products (Green Products) and sustainable plastic made with recycled PET and polycarbonate materials for outer casing of multi-functional peripherals (MFPs) for the first time in the industry. In addition, Konica Minolta has been willing to utilize its own environmental know-how beyond the Konica Minolta group for the good of broader society including its customers and suppliers by assisting their environmental activities to lower environmental impact.

At Konica Minolta, energy-saving and resource-saving initiatives are very important not only for reducing carbon emissions but also for enhancing its competitive edges such as cutting down production costs and material use. Environmental activities have been strongly driven throughout the company’s sites around the world. Since last year, the Konica Minolta Group has been transplanting environmental good practices from its own factories to its suppliers’ factories in China so that the suppliers will benefit in reducing environmental impact and strengthening their competitive advantages. Experts from Konica Minolta are working with the suppliers at their factories and helping them analyze energy use and build energy-saving programs.
(Source: Konica Minolta)

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