OKI Europe Appoints New Managing Director

Originally written and published at oki.com
OKI Europe Appoints New Managing Director

OKI Europe Ltd announced Dennie K Kawahara (Pictured) as its new Managing Director. Mr. Kawahara replaced Terry Kawashima, who will assume the role of General Manager for the Overseas Banking Terminals Sales in Tokyo.
According to oki.com, Mr. Kawahara joined OKI Electric Industry in 1992 and has since ascended to his most recent position as Managing Director of OKI Data Australia.
During his 25 years at OKI, in addition to working in the printer business, Mr. Kawahara was involved in several OKI IT hardware and software products and systems innovations. Mr. Kawahara was responsible for the introduction, development, marketing and sales of OKI technology, as well as project and team management.
“As Managing Director, I will make it my mission to improve structure and strengthen OKI Europe’s direction, increasing collaboration and profitability in this tough and ever-changing market. In my experience Europe is the most challenging yet rewarding region to work in. I am excited to meet staff, customers and partners in the many different countries in our region, experiencing the different business cultures, and playing a part in OKI Europe’s exponential business growth,” Mr. Kawahara said.

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