Xerox Ranks First in Patents Awarded in 2013

According to Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle Media Group (D&C), Xerox was awarded more than 500 patents this year, which earned it first place among the Top 10 U.S. companies competing for this honor in 2013. In addition, Xerox has gained more patents than any other company in Monroe County for the 9th consecutive year.

D&C commented that Xerox continues to be a global leader in printing technology. Some of its most interesting efforts, however, are in completely unrelated technology fields such as computer vision.

It was reported that among the firms with a local presence receiving the most patents in 2013, Bosch Security Systems and Rochester Institute of Technology were the only two organizations not in the top 10 last year.

The local patent leaderboard is shown below, along with the number of patents each entry has received. Note that Carestream Health and the University of Rochester are tied for 5th position.

1. Xerox Corp. (504)
2. Eastman Kodak Co. (306)
3. GM Global Technology Operations (86)
4. Harris Corp. (39)
5t. Carestream Health (36)
5t. University of Rochester (36)
7. Delphi Technologies (28)
8. Bausch + Lomb Inc. (25)
9. Bosch Security Systems (14)
10. Rochester Institute of Technology (13)

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