Ink-Tank Meets Customer Demand Regardless of Printer Types

Ink-Tank Meets Customer Demand Regardless of Printer Types

Ink-TankInk-Tank Meets Customer Demand Regardless of Printer Types claims that it can meet customer demand regardless of which printers they use. “We have a more extensive product range than other companies, and will continue expanding to meet the diverse needs of our customers,” said a company spokesperson.

26 years of rich industry experience in manufacturing compatible printing consumables has allowed Ink-Tank to ensure a wide range of the highest quality products. The company focuses on manufacturing inkjet cartridges and ink, but also supplies photographic paper, toner cartridges, colour ribbons and more. Most importantly, the full product range covers Epson, Canon, HP, Brother, and Lexmark printers.

Ink-Tank experienced fast growth after it was founded in 1995. By 2000 the company had already expanded into the international market, and now they sell to more than 150 countries. Occupying 20% of the compatible market, Ink-Tank’s main customers reside in Europe, Japan, Oceania, and the Americas.

Ink-Tank Meets Customer Demand Regardless of Printer TypesInk-Tank continues to expand its production area to support its growth. The total production area today covers roughly 23, 000 square metres. Ink-Tank has over 40 completely automated production lines to ensure maximum efficiency, which is capable of producing 11 million units per month (or 132 million units per year). In addition to wide-scale production, the company invests in research and development (R&D). Ink-Tank has 87 approved domestic and foreign patents, and a further 44 patents are currently in the process of being examined and approved.

Furthermore, the company operates in strict accordance with ISO9001 Quality Management system requirements. The ISO9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015 International Environmental Management System certifications have also been granted to Ink-Tank, reflecting care for the planet and careful management of operations.

With proven success and high-quality products, it is no surprise that Ink-Tank continues to expand. The company’s ability to meet the needs of any potential customer makes it the best supplier of inkjet cartridges and ink.

About Ink-Tank  

Zhuhai National Resources & Jingjie Printing Technology Co., Ltd (better known as Ink-Tank) is a manufacturer of compatible ink cartridges. In the 26 years since Ink-Tank was established, the company has earned a reputation for a wide range of high-quality products and the best customer service.



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