RT Imaging Summit Kicks off in Las Vegas

On May 29, the RT Imaging Summit held by Recycling Times kicked off at South Point Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. The event has attracted more than 130 attendees on the first day and will continue the next day. Industry leaders and attorneys have discussed hot issues in the industry and provided solutions for the aftermarket in North America.

More changes have taken place in the aftermarket printer cartridge industry, particularly in North America, in the last 5 years than the whole 30 year history of laser and inkjet printing. How will remanufacturing survive in North America?

Allen Westerfield, President of Imaging Supplies Coalition (ISC), Rod Young, Executive Chairman & Global CEO of Cartridge World, Luke Goldberg, Senior vice president , Micro Solutions Enterprises(MSE)and other industry leaders have shared their viewpoints on various industry issues, lawsuits and possible solutions with the participants.

Rod Young spoke on the growth opportunities in the aftermarket. He noted, “My appreciation goes to Recycling Times for holding such a high-end summit, which offers us a very good opportunity to get together and discuss the hot issues in our industry. Maybe most of you present here are more familiar with the aftermarket than I‘m, but I would like to tell you how Cartridge world thinks of the opportunities ahead from business operation perspective.”

Roy Fang, General Manager of Green Project, said, “On traditional expos, we do not have time to think about the problems we’ve encountered. Today’s summit gives us a chance to sit down and discuss the problems. “

“As the leading media in the industry, we are very glad to be able to build a communication platform for the North American market. This is the first time we held such an event outside China. It is very successful. Participants are very interested in the issues we are discussing—tendency, opportunities and challenge for remanufacturing in North America. We will continue to hold similar summits across the world and expand our influence in the industry.” commented Tony Lee, Managing Director of Recycling Times.


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