Kingsun Expands Range of Large-Format Cartridges

Kingsun Expands Range of Large-Format Cartridges

Kingsun Expands Range of Large-Format Cartridges

Kingsun Expands Range of Large-Format CartridgesKingsun says it is confident in having the necessary experience and skills to successfully incorporate more large-format wide-line image cartridges into its existing product range.

“We are working hard to professionally integrate the R&D, production, marketing, and printing of large format ink cartridges,” said Lily Lee, Sales Manager.

Kingsun’s printing and packaging machines have been received well by customers in more than 65 countries. Lee said, “We understand that good service and high-quality products shape a company’s reputation. So, we are always working to reduce production losses, increase the quality of our products, and listen to customer needs.” All staff at Kingsun are university-educated and ensure that resources are integrated and utilized effectively.

Kingsun Expands Range of Large-Format CartridgesKingsun is specifically structured to maximise the quality of products and customer care. Each of Kingsun’s 16 manufacturing factory bases produces a specific type of printing and packaging machine, allowing them to capitalise on their individual manufacturing strengths. So, the large-format wide-line image cartridges that Kingsun is focusing on now will be reliable and of high quality. Additionally, the company imports raw materials from Germany to create ink, independently researches and develops moulds, and conducts strict testing in accordance with consumables industry standards.

In essence, Kingsun has 10 years of industry experience and a reputation for high-quality products in more than 65 countries. The new range of large-format wide-line printers will no doubt live up to the company’s standards of creating satisfied customers and confident stakeholders.

About Kingsun

Zhuhai Kingsun Technology Co., Ltd. (“Kingsun”) is an inkjet manufacturer specialising in large-format wide-line image cartridges. Kingsun’s large product range includes printing and packaging machinery and related materials. The company’s consistent best-sellers are compatible cartridges for Canon and Epson.

Lily Lee can be contacted by email at on skype at aomyazh, or on Whatsapp at +8618926914539



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