INK-TANK Launches New Products for Epson Printers

INK-TANK Launches New Products for Epson Printers

Recently, INK-TANK launches a series of new products, including ink cartridges and ink bags.


Epson T10J Compatible Ink CartridgeINK-TANK Launches New Products for Epson printers

The cartridge is designed for Epson model series XP2000/2205 and WF2930/2950. This product was previous on sale in Hong Kong, and is now sold in southeastern areas as well. Its stable performance and low replacement cost make it an ideal choice for families.


Key features:

  • Accurate and faithful delivery of colors
  • Ease of installation and replacement
  • Environmentally friendly production in compliance with VOC emission standards


T11A/11B Series Ink BagsINK-TANK Launches New Products for Epson printers

Following the introduction of T12D/E/F and T12G/H/J ink bags last month, INK-TANK launches the new T11A/11B series, which target Epson model series WF-C5310/5390/5810/5890. Along with the ink bags, the company can also provide the corresponding C9382 ink box if needed.


Key features:

  • Strong compatibility to printers
  • Waterproof pigment ink that is unlikely to fade
  • High printing speed of 25 pages per minute



Based in Zhuhai, INK-TANK is a professional manufacturer devoted to supplying a full range of compatible printing consumables, including inkjet cartridges, ink, maintenance box, ink bags, toner cartridges, and other related consumables. Its products are compatible to popular brands including Epson, Canon, HP, Brother and Lexmark. INK-TANK has been selling products to over 5000 customers from more than 150 countries.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness have been the constant corporate concept of INK-TANK. Throughout the entire production, INK-TANK adopts strategies to reduce and eliminate possible hazards to humans and the environment, meeting customers’ needs while achieving comprehensive control of cleaner production.



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