3D Printed Glove that Can Mimic Finger Prints

Finger print scanner testing is under threat with new technologies that have been developed by researchers at Michigan State University (MSU).

According to TonerNews, finger print gloves can now be 3D printed to mimic human skin, right down to the texture and geometry of fingerprints. With an extremely accurate 3D printer, the researchers were able to precisely replicate the ridges of fingerprints, just like with real skin.

The glove prints are so real they can fool even a high-quality finger print scanner.

MSU researchers admit their 3D printed glove could—if it ended up on the wrong hand—be used for criminal purposes. Despite the 3D printed glove working well on a $250,000 Stratasys Objet350 Connex 3D printer, the technology remains out of reach for most petty thieves. Researchers found attempting the same print on a $1,000 printer was unsuccessful. Finger print scanners failed to recognize the cheaper glove as a “finger” at all.

The 3D printed fingerprint glove could be a valuable contribution to security research. MSU hopes it will contribute to the development of anti-fraud technology.

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