Clover Dedicated to Increasing Dealer Margins

The latest price rise in OEM consumables will allow consumers to actually get lower cost printer cartridges while improving margins for dealers at the same time.

The Clover Imaging Group (CIG) is promising dealers a high, quality alternative to the higher-priced OEM cartridges. Their GreenSweep program, a key client acquisition tool, claims to offer dealers up to 10% rebate, on the condition they acquire new customers. Meanwhile, end users that convert their imaging supplies to CIG remanufactured products can save up to 30%.

According to CIG, all its ink and toner products are eligible for the GreenSweep program. CIG also claims all print cartridges offered in this program are of leading reliability and performance in the industry.

“While we never recommend promoting conversion from OEM to reman cartridges based on price alone, with OEM increasing prices yet again, this is a prime time to address how the change can impact your customer’s bottom line without sacrificing print quality,” said Luke Goldberg, EVP Global Sales and Marketing for Clover Imaging Group. “CIG’s brands have the highest success rates in the industry yet remain at the same affordable pricing structure. We have seen dealers have tremendous success with OEM conversion utilizing our brands through our GreenSweep program.”

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