IMI Announces New Inkjet Academy Presenters

IMI Announces New Inkjet Academy Presenters

IMI Announces New Inkjet Academy Presenters

IMI Announces New Inkjet Academy PresentersAccording to IMI Europe, Dr. Mark Bale from DoDxAct and Dr. Tim Phillips from Catenary Solutions and IMI Europe will be the Inkjet Academy co-presenters for its Inkjet Summer School 2021 and beyond. They will also introduce guest presenters periodically to broaden the scope of the offering.

The world-famous Inkjet Academy has been the go-to introductory inkjet technology course since its introduction in 1998 in the early days of industrial inkjet technology. From its inception until recently it has been co-presented by Mike Willis from Pivotal Resources and Dr. Alan Hudd from Xennia Technology and Alchemie Technology. Bringing in new co-presenters, with almost 30 years of inkjet experience between them, means the Inkjet Academy is ideally placed to maintain its leading position in the industry.

“As a proven partner of IMI and IMI Europe for training, I am excited to demonstrate my passion for all things inkjet as presenter of the Inkjet Academy, and I also look forward to developing the content to maximize the value to attendees,” Dr. Mark Bale from DoDxAct commented.

“I’m very pleased that Mark and I will be presenting the Inkjet Academy in future. I was a co-presenter of the Inkjet Academy for several years while I was at Xennia, and always enjoyed introducing new people to the industry and the technology,” Dr. Tim Phillips, IMI Europe adds.



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