Work Smarter or Harder? Kingsun Does Both

Work Smarter or Harder? Kingsun Does Both

Work Smarter or Harder? Kingsun Does Both

Work Smarter or Harder? Kingsun Does BothOver the last 10 years, Kingsun’s printing and packaging machines have received a great reception from customers in more than 65 countries. Their success is due to strategically developing input elements, reducing production losses, prolonging the service life of products, and inspiring trust in stakeholders. In addition, the university-educated staff ensures that development is informed by user experience and resources are integrated and utilized effectively.

Kingsun has over 16 manufacturing factory bases, organised to meet the diverse needs of buyers. Each factory base focuses on the production of specific printing and packaging machine production, allowing bases to play to their individual marketing and manufacturing strengths. Kingsun claims that it imports raw materials from Germany to create ink, independently researches and develops moulds, and conducts strict testing in accordance with consumables industry standards. The company also boasts 10 years of experience in supplying a wide variety of printing and packaging machinery, so Kingsun can efficiently meet delivery demands worldwide.

Kingsun strives to be the lead supplier in the printing and packaging machinery industry and understands that quality equipment and good service are vital to achieving this goal. The company continuously improves their management procedures and adopts the most advanced technology. University-graduated staff undergo extensive professional training and provide energetic service with a positive attitude, allowing the company to better understand customer needs. Now, Kingsun is keeping pace with the leading suppliers and gaining a reputation for high-quality products.

About Kingsun

Zhuhai Kingsun Technology Co., Ltd. (“Kingsun”) is an inkjet manufacturer, specialising in large-format wide-line image cartridges. Kingsun’s large product range includes compatible cartridges for Canon, HP and Epson. The company boasts 10 years of experience manufacturing colourful products with a long shelf life and reliable quality.

With 10 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality inkjet printing and packaging machinery, Kingsun now focuses on new large-format wide-line image cartridges, the company boasts an extensive product range supported by expert R&D, quality control and after-sale service.


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