Print-Rite Celebrates 20th Anniversary in Europe

Tony Mills and Arnald Ho with Print-Rite employees in background (left to right)

The global 35th anniversary celebrations of Print-Rite moved to the UK where the company has based its European operations for 20 years this month.

The local Member of Parliament and Mayor were joined by Founding Chairman Arnald Ho from China. Together they commemorate the acquisition of Mills Computer Products—a small ribbon factory—in Langley Mill 20 years ago.

Events including tree planting and awards ceremony were held to observe the anniversary. The Print-Rite chairman and founder Arnald Ho was presented with a cycling trophy representing the company’s charity bike ride event to China. Five employees also won awards for their respective contributions with a 3D printed trophy.








MP Nigel Mills, Mayor of Amber Valley Richard Iliffe, Tony Mills, Sean Boylan, Mr Arnald Ho, Bev Clarke, Jo Fletcher, Emma Fox, Karen Clarke, Joe Banner

(Source: Print-Rite Europe)

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