Industry Online Domain Names Auctioned

Industry Online Domain Names Auctioned

Industry Online Domain Names Auctioned

Industry Online Domain Names AuctionedScores of internet domain names have become available and are being auctioned off at all of which are related to office machines and business equipment.

They were previously registered by Roger Asay (pictured) the editor of Locator Magazine and the Office Machines and Business Equipment website, The auction for 62 industry domain names will close on October 8, 2020.

“Since 1987 our most successful industry services have been in the product area of buying and selling, both new and used equipment, parts and supplies,” Asay told RT Media. “We have developed an extensive network of buyers and sellers in this marketplace.”

All domain names are .com and can be found using a Google search. Some sought after website URLs include and Once purchased the domain name becomes the exclusive property of the new owner and cannot be used by anyone else in the world. A low annual renewal fee is required.

“We are in the process of focusing all of our energy and resources on and Locator Magazine,” Asay said. “In every case, the buying or selling of products or services in my business have been our most active categories. In the last few months, request from buyers has increased. Business to Business advertising and marketing is one of the growth leaders on the internet.”

Locator Magazine was first published in March 1987 to serve the aftermarket in the office machine and business equipment industry. Initially widely accepted and it grew each month for over 120 months. In 1991, the International Locator was added and circulated through the U.S. State Department of Commerce Table Top Shows around the world. In addition, we exhibited in Mexico, Europe, South America and Canada.

Today, Locator Magazine is published each month in a digital edition to serve the office machine, supply, business equipment, used office machine and equipment dealers, technicians, service vendors and suppliers in the United States and Puerto Rico. International Digital Editions are published in English and Spanish. The Locator can be used as a regular source of where to find new and used office machines, business equipment, parts and supplies, software and services.



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