Roger Asay Recognized as Key Industry Leader by Recycling Times Media

Asay Media Network’s President, Roger Asay and Vice President, Larry Jackson both attended the RT Imaging Summit & Expo Americas 2017, held June 22nd and 23rd in Cancun, Mexico.  The show, hosted by Recycling Times Media, is the largest print consumables show in the Americas.  This was the second year for the show to be held in Cancun.

Well attended internationally, there were several outstanding educational programs offered in multiple languages including English, Spanish and Chinese. Both Roger and Larry commented on the professional exhibitor booths and the highly organized and well planned execution of both the Summit and the Expo portions of the show.

While there, Asay Media Network was recognized by Recycling Times Media with a Loyal Media Partner award.  In the photo below, Roger Asay (left) accepts the award from David Gibbons (right), Director | Executive Producer of Recycling Times Media.

About Asay Media Network
Celebrating 30 years of putting buyers and sellers together.  Founded in 1987, Asay Media Network is the publisher of the original Locator Magazine. We specialize in the office machines and business equipment industry. We serve Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Brokers, Dealers, Retailers, Service Companies, Financing, Leasing, and Importers/Exporters.

In 1991, Asay Media helped open the door to U.S. companies who wanted to sell their products and services overseas by introducing the International Edition of the Locator Magazine, now an online publication.
The company also operates several websites, including:


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