IDC Outlines Smart MFPs’ Role in European Workplace

IDC has compiled a whitepaper, commissioned by OKI Europe Ltd., investigating the use of MFPs’ in European companies.

Research results show only one third of European companies are planning for a digital world with smart MFPs playing a key role. According to IDC, the key features that a smart MFP can provide include the ability to scan direct to email or to a certain folder which may be on a network or cloud-based for further utilization or archival. This feature meets the needs of 66% of the European companies who say that one of the key benefits of automating business processes is having archived documents in a single location. Besides this, various document formats can also be scanned for output in PDF or PDF/A format, which caters to the need for longer-term digital archiving.

The IDC whitepaper also found out that document-related processes are now leading to a drastic loss in employee productivity each year. As ‘customizable transformation tools’, smart MFPs unlock substantial workflow benefits, automating many time-consuming manual tasks and enabling businesses to concentrate on activities which promote growth.

Tetsuya Kuri, Vice President Marketing EMEA at OKI Europe Ltd, stated, “As a workplace technology, smart MFPs have come a long way in a very short space of time. This is in direct response to market demand for digitization and streamlined document workflow set out in this latest IDC whitepaper, paving the way for a future of fewer filing cabinets and increased document digitization.”




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