HYB Strengthens Distribution in Korea

HYB Strengthens Distribution in Korea

HYBTo strengthen its presence in the Korean market, HYB and its Korean distributor, MNG, have recently signed a new contract for the upcoming season.

The contract was signed at the end of June when HYB’s Sales Director and Deputy General Manager, Kim Lee (pictured right), visited MNG in Korea. During the visit, the two parties discussed exciting prospects for a sales campaign, demonstrating a renewed commitment to bringing high-quality HYB products to Korean customers.

  • Renewed Certificate of Authorized Distributorship

One of the essential aspects of the meeting between HYB and MNG was the presentation of the renewed certificate of authorized distributorship. This certification solidifies MNG’s status as a trusted distributor of HYB products in Korea, reaffirming the long-standing partnership between the two companies. With this renewed authorization, MNG gains the exclusive rights to distribute HYB’s innovative range of Copier toners and Remanufacturing Solutions throughout the Korean market, ensuring a consistent supply of top-tier products for consumers.

  • Confidence in HYB Products

The meeting between Kim and the owner of MNG provided an opportunity to discuss exciting new projects and collaborations. MNG expressed its unwavering confidence in the quality and reliability of HYB products, which has further strengthened the partnership. This endorsement from MNG is a testament to the reputation HYB has built as a global player in the home appliances industry.

  • Introduction of HYB’s Service Vacuum Cleaner with KC Mark Approval

One of the products that generated particular interest during the discussions was HYB’s Service Vacuum Cleaner. This appliance has received the prestigious KC Mark certification, a necessary approval for selling electric devices in Korea. The KC Mark certification guarantees compliance with Korean safety standards and regulations, providing Korean consumers with the assurance that the product meets the highest quality and safety benchmarks.

  • Global Recognition for HYB

Being one of the few global companies to obtain the KC Mark approval for their products sets HYB apart from its competitors. This recognition reinforces HYB’s commitment to delivering safe and reliable products to the Korean market and highlights the brand’s dedication to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

  • Expanding Product Range with HYB Brands

MNG’s commitment to introducing more products with HYB brands indicates a strong belief in the brand’s potential and customer demand in Korea. The expanded product range will provide Korean consumers access to a diverse selection of high-quality home appliances, further enhancing HYB’s market presence.



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