HYB Collects Over 30000 Empty Drum Cartridges

HYB Collects Over 30000 Empty Drum Cartridges

HYB claims that its drum cartridge production base in Zhuhai has collected over 30,000 empty drum cartridges.

HYB Collects Over 30000 Empty Drum Cartridges

It is said that these original drum cartridges are carefully assessed to ensure they can produce high-quality O.E.M. equivalent products for supply to HYB’s distributors and customers in more than 100 countries. “Many customers have already placed orders to secure a stable supply,” said the spokesperson of HYB.

HYB Collects Over 30000 Empty Drum Cartridges

“From the very beginning of the production process, HYB maintains rigorous quality control measures for raw material selection and supplier partnerships. They understand the significance of incorporating every detail into production,” the spokesperson added. Leveraging their 25 years of experience in developing copier imaging products, HYB applies their standards to every step and component of the product configuration.

To ensure an extended product lifespan and minimizes service costs for HYB’s distributors, HYB collaborates with trusted suppliers, enabling the Mitsubishi/Fuji OPC drum manufacturer to operate at an A-level quality configuration.

HYB Collects Over 30000 Empty Drum Cartridges

In addition, each drum undergoes meticulous process control and bench testing, providing printed results equivalent to that of the original toner. The toner cartridges used for testing the drum units are also A-grade products manufactured by HYB. This practice avoids any discrepancies or variances that may arise when using unknown toner brands.

“Since the launch of HYB’s remanufactured drum units, the industry has responded positively, and the product has gained popularity among government bidding processes and distributors seeking adapted original equipment and parts,” said the spokesperson.

The market’s favorable response has further bolstered HYB, enabling the expansion of their production line to cater to a wider range of needs.

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