HYB Shares Video of Rebuilding Developer Units

HYB Shares Video of Rebuilding Developer Units

HYB released a video on the rebuilding of Konica Minolta copier developer units.

Through the video, HYB technicians add brand-new, high-quality, compatible Japanese developers and chips to replace the developer units so as to ensure the unit is functioning properly.

HYB claims that its Spare Parts channel on YouTube has gained great popularity for its step-by-step video guides that not only help customers with remanufacturing but also reinforce the company’s commitment to eco-friendliness.

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HYB Shares Video of rebuilding Developer Units

HYB has been expanding its spare parts business since 2018. The company maintains a 50-70% of sales increase in this particular segment since it started. By working closely with its distribution network, HYB allows dealers from different countries to get access to a wide range of HYB spare parts and components such as remanufactured drum units, remanufactured fuser units, OPC drums, wiper blades, fuser rollers and films, developer, etc.

In February, 2023,  HYB set up its Spare Parts YouTube channel, dedicated to providing training and technical guide for spare parts and HYB components remanufacturing.



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