Canon Settles with Four Companies

Canon Settles with Four Companies

Canon Settles with Four Companies

Canon Settles with Four CompaniesCanon claims it concluded U.S. district court lawsuits against Ninestar, LD Products, Supplies Guys, and Easy Group.

Canon filed each of these lawsuits on March 8, 2021, alleging the defendants infringed Canon’s U.S. Patent Nos. 10,209,667, 10,289,060, 10,289,061, 10,295,957, 10,488,814, 10,496,032, 10,496,033, 10,514,654, 10,520,881, and 10,520,882.

Canon claims that the lawsuits were resolved with the four defendants each agreeing to entry of consent judgments and permanent injunctions that prohibit further infringement of the asserted patents.

It is said that these latest resolutions mark a successful conclusion to a set of actions that Canon initiated in 2021 to protect its patented toner supply container technology, which included two International Trade Commission (“ITC”) investigations and numerous district court actions.

Throughout the development, sales, and marketing process, Canon respects the intellectual property of other companies and individuals and expects others to similarly respect Canon’s intellectual property rights. Canon remains committed to pursuing legal enforcement against those who do not respect Canon’s intellectual property.



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