How Stable Wide Format Inkjet Cartridges Were Born

How Stable Wide Format Inkjet Cartridges Were Born

Last November, G&G revealed how its reliable wide-format cartridges were born to make sure customers are provided with consistent, flawless products. Now, the G&G wide format product range has been expanded to fit the growing variety of consumer demands including outstanding stability, photographic quality, and affordable costs.


“When you consider all the factors that impact output, printing stability is considered as a critical one users can’t ignore,” admitted Kevin Cai, Senior Ink R&D Engineer of G&G. “Our team has been dedicated to the task of improving the stability of large and wide format inks and the cartridges.”

Ink stability in the R&D stage

  • Color paste from best-in-class suppliers

As the main component of ink, color paste plays an important base function in ink quality. The color pastes G&G selects are imported from best-in-class suppliers like DuPont and Cabot, which have also been proven to be environmentally friendly with RoHS and REACH compliance.

  • 4-level nano ink filtration technology

To completely intercept the macromolecules in the ink raw materials, G&G has adopted 4-level nano filtration technologies, which will prevent the printhead from clogging.

  • Aqueous solvent added to improve standby performance

Usually, the print head gets covered with ink which dries, particularly of the cartridge is not used for an extended period of time. Compatible inks tend to dry more quickly. To solve this, G&G adds moisturizing materials to the ink to keep them moistened on the print head, so that it will maintain a stable state and run longer time without drying out.

  • Use selected resins to produce glossy printing results

During the development stage, considerable time and energy were consumed in the selection of suitable resins and to run numerous tests to guarantee their respective properties. This is how glossy, fast-dry, rub-resistant results are produced.


Stability in wide format cartridge design

G&G made 3D measurement and fine adjustments to the structure of the cartridges, which enables a stable supply of ink and perfect compatibility with the machine. Engineers also run installation force tests to ensure the end users can install the cartridges effortlessly.

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