Apex Dedicates Ustation Center to Solve Firmware Update Headaches

Apex Dedicates Ustation Center to Solve Firmware Update Headaches

ApexTo stop chips from working in aftermarket cartridges in printers, many OEMs have launched firmware updates, often without any notice.

The increasing frequency of firmware updates, seen by consumers and third-party suppliers as a weapon by OEMs, brings great disruption, high return-and-replace costs to the industry, causing a bad user-experience.

To ensure all of Apex’s customers can get access to worry-free, reliable products, the company launched its Ustation project back in May, 2022, an upgraded service leveraging Apex’s UniSmart technology.

Previously, Apex’s customers needed to obtain their own UniSmart devices to reset the chips affected by OEM firmware updates or have their stock returned to Apex to solve the problem.

“The establishment of Ustation centers, fitted out with UniSmart devices, allows us to reset the affected chips more quickly and efficiently for all of our customers, big or small, within the region,” said Olivia Ouyang (pictured) who oversees the Ustation project. “We can also offer technical support as well as after-sale services, in person,” she added.

Ustations are strategically located, physical centers equipped with many UniSmart devices as well as local technicians. According to Ouyang, Apex has already established two official Ustation centers in the U.S.A—one in California and one in North Carolina.

Ustation APEX MAP

“Our purpose is to build an ecosystem around our official Ustation centers and integrate resources to provide technical and after-sales support to all our customers including end-users in a coordinated way. We sincerely hope that all our customers can feel supported when in need no matter where they source Apex chips,” Ouyang added.

Since the launch of the Ustation Project in May, 2022, Apex has invested heavily in market research, center construction as well as technician hiring and training.

“Apex’s consumable chips enjoy a considerable market share in the global market particularly in the U.S. and Europe. That lays the foundation for us to build and promote Ustation centers in the two regions,” Ouyang said.

Currently, the two US-based official Ustation centers are under trial operations. “Everything is running smoothly. The two official centers have already started to process resetting orders. We are now working to establish other official Ustation centers in Europe,” Ouyang added.

Ustation Apex

With the completion of official Ustation centers in the U.S. and Europe, the next priority for the Ustation project team is to add additional Ustation centers in America and Europe this year. “Apex will set up Ustation partnerships in the two regions. We are seeking partners willing to establish Ustation centers that are positioned close to transport and storage logistics. Apex will set up the equipment and provide ongoing technical support,” said Ouyang.

Contact ustation@apexmic.com for more details.

Olivia Ouyang (pictured), Ustation Project Manager, Apex, <olivia.ouyang@apexmic.com>

Apex Ustation team integrates talents and professionals—specialized in hardware services, software services, and IT system services—an embodiment of Apex’s ever increasing service quality for customers and users. Olivia Ouyang oversees the project. She will be responsible for global expansion and network management of the Ustation. Previously, Olivia had been responsible for the international sales business.


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