Apex Answers 5 Questions About its Ustation Firmware Update Solution

Apex Answers 5 Questions About its Ustation Firmware Update Solution

Apex Answers 5 Questions About its Ustation Firmware Update Solution

  1. Why did Apex develop the Ustation?

Apex Answers 5 Questions About its Ustation Firmware Update SolutionFirmware updates sent by printer OEMs through internet connections to their customer’s printers continue to be a pain point for the aftermarket as well as end users. The increasing frequency of these firmware upgrades brings great disruption, high return-and-replace costs, and bad end user experiences to the industry. The OEMs seek to gain a monopoly and to remove choice for consumers. Apex established a dedicated team back in 2015 to resolve this issue for both the aftermarket as well as end users. The team constantly monitors firmware updates released by the OEMs. In 2020, Apex developed and released its own remote upgrade system.

The Ustation ensures all of Apex’s customers can get access to worry-free, reliable products. We look forward to expanding the Ustation system through our partnerships to more locations.

  1. What exactly is a Ustation and what services can it provide?

A few Ustations, operated by Apex’s partners, already exist. More are planned to provide strategically-located physical locations. These centres use many UniSmart devices—connected to the internet to always remain up to date—to conduct the actual updates.

These centres will save many customers from needing to obtain their own UniSmart devices but be able to access the services and support from a Ustation. These Ustations can deliver immediate upgrade services for Apex’s other customers in surrounding areas who need to quick and efficient updates for their stocks.

Apex is seeking additional partners willing to establish Ustation centres that are positioned close to transport and storage logistics. The number of staff required to operate a centre will vary depending on the volume of products that require updates as well as other related services that may be needed.

Apex will set up Ustation partnerships, mainly in Europe and America. In each centre, Apex set up the equipment and provides ongoing technical support.

  1. Are there any Ustations up and running yet?

Yes. Some of our European and American partners were quick to establish Ustations in their localities. The good news is that everything is working smoothly. Now we are ready to promote this business opportunity to others in these two key regions.

  1. What requirements need to be met to be a Ustation partner?

The Ustation needs to be in facilities that have warehouse and delivery capabilities. Technicians are also needed so they can conduct the upgrading tasks for the many customers that will seek this service. More importantly, we are looking for partners that share the same values and goals as Apex. This is our sincere desire. Together with partners, we expect to safeguard the healthy development of the industry.

  1. What benefits can partners expect?

Apart from providing partners with the Ustation upgrading equipment, Apex also provides ongoing technical support and software and hardware platforms. In some cases, Apex will provide seed funding to those who qualify for this level of support.

Contact ustation@apexmic.com for more details.

Olivia Ouyang (pictured), Ustation Project Manager, Apex, <olivia.ouyang@apexmic.com>

Apex Ustation team integrates talents and professionals—specialized in hardware services, software services, and IT system services—an embodiment of Apex’s ever increasing service quality for customers and users. Olivia Ouyang oversees the project. She will be responsible for global expansion and network management of the Ustation. Previously, Olivia had been responsible for the international sales business.



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