Zhono Compatible Chips Can Be Sensed Up to 5 cm Away

Zhono Compatible Chips Can Be Sensed Up to 5 cm Away

According to Zhono, its Kyocera 6th generation compatible chips, utilizing the imported IC, can be sensed up to 5cm away. Zhono tests the sensing distance of the chip with the black box tool here.

Holding the chip close to the black box, if the indicator light on the box flashes green and beeps, it indicates that the chip has been successfully sensed.

As shown in the video, the chip can be sensed at a distance of 5 cm.

Even if the cartridge size varies, the chip still can be sensed properly.

The Kyocera 6th generation compatible chips from Zhono not only can be sensed at long distances but also support customizable, ultra-high capacity to meet varied office needs.

Previously, Zhono released a video warning that some problems may occur if the Brother 770 series chips which contain batteries were handled incorrectly, including short-circuiting, data loss, and irregular prompt displays on the corresponding printers.

About Zhono

Zhono is a premier international high-tech company focusing on integrated circuit design and committed to becoming the world’s leading chip solutions supplier. Founded in 2013, Zhono has built an extraordinary R&D team, with a complete production and supply process and a global distribution and sales network. Our vision is to become the world’s leading technology-driven company creating recognized value for our clients and customers.



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