Hospital Workers Give Thumbs Up for G&G Cartridges

Hospital Workers Give Thumbs Up for G&G Cartridges

Hospital Workers Give Thumbs Up for G&G Cartridges

Hospital Workers Give Thumbs Up for G&G CartridgesFront line workers and administrative staff at Jesaeng Hospital, the famous medical center in South Korea, claim the performance of G&G’s print consumables is comparable to that of the OEM.

Ninestar’s G&G imaging supplies brand supplied the hospital with replacement cartridges for use in Canon LBP6003 (CRG325) and HP LaserJet P-2035 (CE505A) devices. The hospital staff reported they were delivered with a smooth printing experience and excellent printouts that provided convenience for both doctors and patients in the process of the treatments given.

Healthcare providers are very particular about the quality of the products they use because it impacts the health of the patients and the professional image of the institution. “They are apt to choose genuine cartridges because of their superior quality,” said Sandy Liao, Media Specialist at Ninestar G&G. “Accordingly, they have a strict standard in evaluating how the consumables perform.”

The consumables obtained scores of 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 from the hospital users when asked how they performed against the OEM products they had used previously.

According to Liao, G&G’s ability to offer a near-to-OEM or equivalent-OEM experience together with a competitive price makes the use of their consumables both attractive and affordable for users.

The latest reports, along with others who were awarded a year’s free supplies has given G&G the confidence to serve additional high-value channels such as healthcare, and explore more availability in those channels.

Joewan Salihi was the first winner of its Chief Printing Officer (CPO) project launched back in June 2020. He is the Creative Director of Jox Creative Studio from Berlin, Germany. The second winner of the CPO project was Jesaeng Hospital, a well-renowned medical center located in Seoul, South Korea. The Faculty of Medicine, a time-honoured faculty of Istanbul University in Turkey, was named the final winner of G&G cartridges for a full year.



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