Graphic Novel Reveals Benefits of Remanufacturing

Graphic Novel Reveals Benefits of Remanufacturing

Graphic Novel Reveals Benefits of Remanufacturing

Graphic Novel Reveals Benefits of RemanufacturingA novel for school children has been released by the Remanufacturing Industries Council in an attempt to raise the profile of the circular economy and a more sustainable world.

Students are often beginning to make career choices as early as middle school and take courses that prepare them for their chosen path. “The earlier we can introduce them to the remanufacturing industry, the better chance we have of them considering it as a career path,” said a spokesperson.

The graphic novel begins with a student having a nightmare about a trash monster, then discovering with a friend that there is a dumpster full of old computers behind the school.

The students ask their teacher why the school is throwing away so much stuff that could be recycled. The teacher explains the computers are actually on their way to being remanufactured and introduces the students to the concept of the circular economy.

The book is being released ahead of the annual global Reman Day on April 8, 2021, and all businesses involved in remanufacturing are urged to register for free and plan an activity on the day. Global Reman Day is a day that advances the concept of remanufacturing through remanufacturer-hosted events and workforce development initiatives.

The back cover has space for remanufacturing industries to add their company logo and add some information about their company. The Reman Day Graphic Novel is available in the Reman Day Store or the PDF can be downloaded and printed out locally.



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