Funai to Develop Commercial Ink Cartridges

According to Photizo Group, The Nikkei reported the Japanese electronics firm Funai Electric Co. (Funai) is about to develop ink cartridges for commercial printers. Funai “plans to begin in-house production of cartridges at a Philippine facility in early 2014.” The Nikkei also noted that Funai will make its products available for various inks in fiscal 2014, aiming for cartridge sales of ¥2 billion in fiscal 2016.

In April, Recycling Times reported on the $100 million deal in which Lexmark sold its inkjet printer assets to Funai. Commenting on this deal, Photizo revealed that the industry wondered about Funai’s plans to leverage the technology to move beyond Lexmark’s traditional customer base. However, Photizo believes that the commercial inkjet market is growing and Funai’s plan of taking this technology to that market is a smart move.

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