Castle Ink Intros Fourth Paperless Scholarship

According to, Castle Ink, a retailer of eco-friendly ink cartridges and laser toner based in Greenlawn, New York, offers a college scholarship program to provide financial assistance to college-bound students. The company said that the program, now in its fourth year, is named The Paperless Scholarship. It awards those high school students who support recycling and are committed to making the environment healthier. pointed out that the awarded students should “build something out of used ink cartridges or they can use social media to post something inspirational about recycling and how they reduce, reuse, and recycle.” In addition, those students must participate in an accredited college or university program during the 2014 school year. As in years past, The Paperless Scholarship, is open to students at all levels of academic achievement.

Further, Castle Ink expressed its hope of students recognizing the importance of recycling so they will continue the crusade as our future leaders. The company’s CEO, Lauren Elward, commented that “a college education is even more critical today as the job market has become flooded with talented applicants”.

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