Business-Inform (Russia) and Recycling Times (China) Expand their Information Partnership

Business-Inform Information Agency (Moscow) and Recycling Times Media Corporation (China) have signed a news sharing partnership. According to the agreement, the Russian Information Agency will provide its Chinese partner with news of the Russian office equipment, printing supplies, IT-outsourcing, MPS-solutions market for global distribution through RecyclingTimes Media Corporation’s news channels. Recycling Times in turn will provide Business-Inform with news of the global office equipment, printing supplies, IT-outsourcing, MPS-solutions market for distribution via Business-Inform Informational Agency’s channels in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.   

In line with the agreement, the Business-Inform Virtual Exhibition site ( is featuring the Recycling Times Media Corporation virtual booth, which displays news from China on a weekly basis, both in English ( and Russian ( languages.

Business-Inform Informational Agency (Moscow) plans to publish the popular new look RecyclingTimes magazine—published by its Chinese partner—through its channels. Important information is also provided about RemaxAsia—the world’s largest print consumables expo—and iPrint Expo, both organized by Recycling Times Media Corporation. At the same time, the distribution of Russian news, marketing research results, and information presented at Business-Inform international conferences, exhibitions, and seminars, will be published and broadcasted internationally by Recycling Times Media Corporation—one of the global media market leaders—a recognized print consumables expert.

Dr Stanislav Malinskiy, General Manager of Business inform said: “we are both confident that a development of a mutual informational partnership will allow a considerable expansion of the news presented by both companies to their audiences.”

Tony Lee, Managing Director of Recycling Times Media Corporation commented: “We are very pleased to partner with Business inform to expand our international market. This relationship is strategic to reaching the global industry. This means we now have correspondents and partners in Russia, the USA, South America, South Africa, Australia, India and Spain. I am looking forward to work with our new Russian partners.”

Recycling Times Media Corporation is a leading provider of news and business opportunities for the global printing consumables industry—including OEMs, aftermarket component suppliers and remanufacturers. We provide our clients (exhibitors, advertisers, sponsors, readers, browsers and visitors) with the best business experience by publishing efficient, reliable, factual news and editorial and running first class events which educate, inform, network and provide business opportunities for the computer printing industry—particularly the aftermarket sector. We publish, and distribute globally, the Recycling Times magazine every month (separate English and Chinese editions) to 50,123 readers worldwide, and another 4,500 subscribers; we operate RemaxAsia Expo in Zhuhai—the largest trade event for the print consumables aftermarket industry in the world—with 425v exhibits and 11000 visitors; we broadcast a six minute inTouch TV News bulletin every week to 12,000 viewers, with the top industry news stories; we deliver free daily updates on our RecyclingTimes inTouch app (read breaking news and our magazine, watch our TV News, check out our events).  For more information, please contact: Jessica Yin +86-756-3919264

Business-Inform Informational Agency is involved in researching the Russian office equipment and printing supplies market, evaluating printing quality, and consulting on printing equipment procurement. More than 16,000 Russian companies and organizations annually use the Agency, which annually publishes 8 catalogs of printers, copiers, MFPs and printing supplies with a total run of 750,000 copies. It also publishes the electronic Business-Inform E-News Digest and Business-Inform Review articles compilation with news about the Russian office equipment, printing supplies and parts market. The orders for the Russian printing market research performed by the Agency come from large state and commercial organizations. The Agency is the organizer of the Business-Inform International Exhibition (Moscow, All-Russia Exhibition Center, pavilion #20, May 20-22, 2014).

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