ETIRA Discusses Clone Issue with AJCR

In The Recycler magazine, Christian Wernhart, President of ETIRA and CEO of Embatex, is reported to have met with AJCR (Association of Japanese Cartridge Remanufacturers) board members to discuss the situation of the cartridge industry worldwide.

The meeting mainly focused on clone products, revealing that patent-infringing new compatible products from China are not so widely spread in Japan. In addition to Japan-based OEMs taking tough measures on clones, the National Customs Authority in Japan is also showing its commitment to seizing those products. However, AJCR has not comprehensively worked with domestic Japanese OEMs to fight against clones.

Along with 33 remanufacturing members and associates of industry suppliers, AJCR sells remanufactured cartridges on the domestic market in Japan.

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