Static Control Reports from Successful Seminar in Ukraine

Static Control has recently supported its authorized Ukrainian distributor, Makkon LLC, by attending a seminar in late September, during which two of Static Control’s employees flew across Europe to participate.

Static Control has been a market leader in toner and component shipments to the Ukraine for the last 20 years and continues to strengthen its position. Makkon has always demonstrated a great enthusiasm toward Static Control’s products. Over the years, the two companies have developed a strong relationship and continue to work together day-after-day to best serve their customers and increase their network.

Makkon invited Static Control to participate at their annual dealer seminar held in Kiev, Ukraine in late September. With more than 30 representatives from 22 Ukrainian companies present, this exclusive event was a success. Employees from both Static Control and Makkon presented during the seminar.

Group picture at the seminar

The seminar started with a talk from the General Director of Makkon, Vadim Sergienko, about the situation in the Ukrainian consumables market, the main trends and the importance of teaming up with other companies. Sophie Lillie, Business Development Director of Static Control Eastern Europe, spoke next and gave an overview of Static Control’s large assortment of compatible and remanufactured cartridges and components.

Paul Needham and Sophie Lillie presenting

Static Control and Makkon also believes in the importance of rewarding companies based on their performance. The event ended with an award ceremony presented by Paul Needham, General Sales Manager of Static Control Europe. Needham awarded five dealers who won in previous programs.

Paul Needham awarding a dealer

The whole event was held in an interactive way where each participant could ask questions and receive answers from both Static Control and Makkon managers. The event was ruled a success, with participants commenting that a lot was learned about the consumable market and Static Control’s current and future product lines.

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