Clover Imaging Group Rebrands

Clover Technologies Group announced the birth of the Clover Imaging Group (CIG) which joins Clover Wireless and Clover Telecom as a company in the Clover family.

Launched last year, the CIG is now a sales and marketing engine to offer a robust family of products, services and solutions. All MSE, West Point Products brands, products as well as services will be available from this singular entity through a new advanced CIG website ( Also, the new group is home to Responsible Recycling, a dealer exclusive recycling program for resellers and their end users.

Eric Martin, President of Clover Imaging Group, stated, “For over 15 years, we have been putting together a group of companies in the imaging space that were leaders and drivers of innovation on their own, but taken collectively the new CIG is able to offer a portfolio of products, services and solutions that will not only set a new standard for today but will also serve as a global platform to drive the industry forward. The newly created CIG will continue to evolve as market changes necessitate additional products and services which means you should expect to see this group continue to diversify and invest in our collective futures.”

“The companies West Point Products and MSE will no longer exist as sales entities,” said Luke Goldberg, EVP, Global Sales and Marketing for CIG. “All of the excellent MSE and West Point Products consumables, brands, and services are now available from your single source, CIG. This is an exciting time for us and our dealers. The driving force behind our brand restructuring is customer service. We want to offer our dealers an easy way to access Clover’s industry-leading imaging supplies, parts, solutions, and eco-services.”



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