Anti-counterfeiting ink Licensed to Thai Printing Company

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Haydale licenses its anti-counterfeiting ink to Thai printing company

“This is another successful project from our Thailand facility, HTT, that is taking a significant step towards commercialization entering this license agreement with one or the leading security printers in Thailand,” said David Banks (pictured), the executive chairman at Haydale.


Haydale Graphene Industries PLC (LON:HAYD), the advanced materials group, has signed an exclusive licence agreement with TKS Siampress Management.

TKS has licensed Haydale’s patented anti-counterfeiting technology (PATit) for an initial period of three years and three months. The exclusive licence applies to Thailand and one other territory to be decided by the parties.

The PATit technology uses graphene inks to print a specific pattern for a customer, that produces a verifiable capacitance reading.

TKS will pay an upfront licence fee within 120 days of the agreement plus a research service fee within 45 days of signing the agreement for the provision of a speciality capacitance ink as part of the anti-counterfeiting technology.

The special bespoke ink that Haydale Technologies (Thailand) will develop for TKS will be commercially based on prices yet to be agreed, Haydale revealed.

“The printing facilities and commercial position of TKS is first class,” said Ray Gibbs, the president of business development at Haydale.

“They are a quality outfit and the licence is an absolute demonstration that TKS see our patented product as leading the field with significant unique selling points. TKS is the first of many licences we are looking at across the anti-counterfeiting market which is a US$200bn long-term opportunity that is looking for a unique solution which Haydale has produced,” he added.

Somkid Vekinwattanasate, the managing director at TKS, said the firm was “really excited” at the prospect of using Haydale’s anti-counterfeiting technology.

“We see a strong commercial arrangement as key to sales success specifically in Thailand. together with a highly consistent product. We have worked with Haydale inks for some time and their consistency and high-performance Graphene Inks was one of the deciding factors to sign this licence,” he said.


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