Chipjet Responds to Samsung Firmware Updates

Chipjet Responds to Samsung Firmware Updates

China-based Chipjet is quick to respond to the latest firmware upgrade on the Samsung SL-M2085 printer.

On April 7, 2022, Chipjet detected that the firmware of the Samsung SL-M2085 printer had been upgraded, which would cause compatible chips not to be recognized by the printer. Messages of “Install toner cartridge” and “Toner cartridge is not installed. Install the cartridge” were shown on the printer screen and the computer respectively.

Chipjet Responds to Samsung Firmware Update

On the same day, Chipjet claimed that related chips have been upgraded and tested. The new version of HP W1110A/W2080A series compatible cartridge chips is V1.10 and all current chips can be used on related printers.

Mark Comparison

Chipjet Responds to Samsung Firmware Update

Chip Model

Chipjet Responds to Samsung Firmware Update

Previously, Chipjet offered Chipstation Pro to address various chip problems caused by firmware upgrades. The device is claimed to be able to update batches of cartridge chips easily and effectively.

Adopting new technology and technique, ChipStation Pro is said to have improved function and appearance, including:

  • Update mode:
  • one-to-one (×)
  • one-to-many (√)
  • Free arrangement: chips of different models and brands can be updated together
  • Cover most printer brands



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