Chinese Aftermarket Manufacturers Increases Cartridge Price

Chinese Aftermarket Manufacturers Increase Cartridge Prices

Chinese Aftermarket Manufacturers Increase Cartridge Prices

Chinese Aftermarket Manufacturers Increases Cartridge PriceFollowing the announcements from Apex and Chipjet, Chinese aftermarket cartridge manufacturers told RT that they have to increase prices for compatible HP CF217/CF500 series too.

RT noticed that some manufacturers have increased prices for certain models, including HPCF217/218/230/231/219/232/234/047/049/050/051/247/

248/244/500/510, andCF530/540/054/237.

According to some manufacturers, the price spike on cartridges is a ripple effect of the price increase on raw materials, such as chips.

About one week ago, Chinese chipmakers Apex and Chipjet made announcements, saying they will increase the price for HP CF217/CF500 compatible chips, effective March 22.

Both companies claimed that the new adjustment is only applicable to orders after March 22 or any undelivered orders by that time. In addition, both companies said they will keep an eye on the market, and adjust chip prices again in accordance with the changes in raw material prices.

Neither Apex nor Chipjet disclosed how much they will increase the price.

Prior to that, Canon and Ricoh also made announcements to increase prices for printers and consumables in China.

Senior vice president of research and development of TSMC predict that it will take 2-3 years to solve the problem when more new wafer factories are ready for production.



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