OEM and ETIRA Representatives Speak at Static Control Seminar

Static Control has held a seminar in Tryp Atocha Hotel in Madrid, Spain, attracting 30 attendees from 18 companies.

Featured with seven presentations and two technical demonstrations provided by Static Control representatives, the event has invited guest speakers from OEMs HP and Lexmark, and cartridge association ETIRA.

HP’s Catalina Niscoveanu spoke about ‘Respect for Intellectual Property’, saying, “It was a nice experience to share this presentation at the seminar and also to talk with the remanufacturers about legal issues and the market situation; I consider that this is the way to publicise the OEMs’ opinion with aftermarket customers.”

Andrew Gardner, Worldwide Brand Protection Manager of Lexmark, spoke about combatting the counterfeit cartridge problem, citing a recent example in Turkey this year where 13,000 items of packaging and parts were seized. He commented, “It was good to have an opportunity to speak with the audience about important topics such as intellectual property rights, legal issues and sustainability.”

Vincent Van Dijk provided copies of ETIRA’s 2015 Guide to Clones in Spanish, and spoke of the organization’s activities including the fight for fair competition, lobbying for eco-friendly cartridge design, the legal support it offers and its battle against patent-infringing new-builds. Van Dijk has made numerous appearances throughout Static Control’s seminar program. “It was good to spend time with the Spanish remanufacturers and to share the work that ETIRA is doing and the recent actions in which we are involved.”

Sellcom Solutions’ Ana Valejo Mateo found many benefits in the information provided. “It’s important to participate in these kinds of seminars. There are always things to learn, and you can listen to other points of view and refresh the basic concepts of the business. It was useful for us.”

Alberto Manso, of Reciclado de Inyectores, was also enthusiastic about the day’s events. “I’m glad to come and talk with the OEM representatives and ETIRA members and listen to what they had to say about the market; also to see the new product lines and all the information that Static Control had to share with us. It was a very interesting seminar!”

Static Control’s next seminar will be held on the September 4 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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