Cheeky Reseller ReCalls Infringing Cartridges

Digital Revolution (, one of the defendants found guilty of reselling infringing Samsung compatible cartridges in Europe has responded by “congratulating” the OEM. was ordered by the Hague to post official announcements regarding the patent infringement on its website. And the reseller added a cheeky response as well:

“Congratulations, Samsung!

P.S: Samsung, good luck with your exploding telephones and washing machines!”


According to, this is the second time the company has posted a correction on its website—the first one was for HP. claims that a patent is a new solution to solve a problem while Samsung invented a problem to find a solution and the infringed patents are the solutions to a nonexistent problem. The reseller also maintains the eight cartridges that violated Patent EP 1975744 are remanufactured and are good for the environment.

The company is recalling any infringing toner cartridges using the 123inkt brand, including compatible Samsung CLT-5082L (4 colors) and CLP-660B (4 colors).

Then again makes a cheeky offer that if the aforementioned toner cartridges are sent back before February 1, 2017, the company will exchange them for a brand new Brother color laser printer plus an additional set of brand toners for the printer. The cost for this action, they claim, will come from its advertising budget.

Further, the reseller is also recalling 123inkt-branded Samsung MLT-D1042S toner cartridges bought between October 30, 2013 and January 15, 2014. The returns include empty and almost empty cartridges. The company explains it will exchange the old ones for new ones that do not infringe Samsung cartridge design.

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