Epson Takes More Legal Actions

Seiko Epson Corporation (Epson) has filed 3 complaints against various companies for patent infringement and one motion requesting default judgement against Century21 Electronics.

As one of the complaints revealed, Shoppers Smart LLC (Shoppers Smart) allegedly infringed the OEM’s ‘917 (US6,502,917) and ‘749 (US 8,794,749) patents by using, importing selling or offering to sell ink cartridges claimed in the patent. The defendant is believed to be selling the aforementioned products through its website, and

Another company, InkJet2U LLC, allegedly infringed the same Epson ink cartridge and components patents. Epson is seeking compensation including actual and treble damages, lost profits, expenses, interest, etc.

HT Tech has been sued for selling infringing ink cartridge under the “Ink Cartridge Supply” and “Hink” names, involving ‘917 (US6,502,917) and ‘749 (US 8,794,749) patents.

In addition to these 3 complaints, Epson filed an action against Century21 Electronics (Century 21) in September. The OEM alleged the Century21 Electronics falsely advertised refurbished Epson products as being brand new Epson products for sale on Amazon.

Both parties held a settlement conference in October. However, “Century21, through its counsel, has made the strategic decision to default in this matter rather than allow this case to proceed on its merits.”

Consequently, Epson filed its motion requesting the court to enter a default judgment and permanent injunction against Century21.

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