Canon Settles Nukote Suit

Canon claims it settled its lawsuit against Nukote, a bankrupt company, before obtaining a general exclusion order (GEO) from the International Trade Commission (ITC)

Early in 2012, Canon dragged more than 30 aftermarket players into court, alleging those companies infringed its U.S. patents 5,903,803 and 6,128,454, which cover the OPC drum gear twisted prism coupling in various Canon and HP cartridges.

Nukote was listed as one of the aftermarket respondents, but its Mexican operation was dropped from both the ITC and district court complaints because no such entity currently exists.

In February 2013, Canon filed a motion for a default judgment against Nukote, saying it was not seeking any damages from the OEM. A U.S. District Court approved Canon’s request and awarded the permanent injunction. Nukote, as a result, iss barred from making or selling infringing cartridges.

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