MPSA Released White Paper To Indentidy MPS Business Models

The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) announced the completion of its Standards & Best Practices Committee’s first white paper of 2013, MPS Business Models & Components.

This white paper identifies four managed print business models MPS providers can use to go to market, details the pros and cons associated with each and provides charts outlining additional components related to the delivery of managed print services.

The MPSA Standards & Best Practices Committee was chartered to help define industry areas that, once clarified, would result in a better understanding of MPS and an increased rate of adoption. One such area identified by the committee as a major source of confusion faced by its membership base centers around MPS business models.

“We have members that are end users. We have members that are resellers. We have members that are software providers. There are all types. The MPSA did a very good job of defining what managed print services is, but there needed to be further explanation of how each type of member that delivers MPS services could go to market with that.” said MPSA Standards Committee Chair Ron Alphin.

MPSA President Greg Walters said . “Ron, his committee members – indeed, all who contributed to this initiative – have brought to light a sound, easy-to-understand description of foundational managed print services models and components. We are very proud to provide this document to our membership. Look for more in the near future.”

The white paper is now available to all MPSA members, who can access it by logging in to the MPSA website ( and clicking on the White Papers link under the Members-Only Content category in the navigation bar.

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