First Two Seizure and Forfeiture Orders Issued in 2017

The USITC* has issued two seizure and forfeiture orders against two separate companies—the first ones to be issued in 2017.

However, legal counsel for one of the two companies—Clover Technologies Group—has since advised RT Media, that “the products initially denied entry by Customs were released to Clover and do not violate the GEO.”

Initially, copies of legal documents provided to RT Media, identified Illinois-based Clover Technologies and its subsidiary Cartridges Are Us which were thought to have violated the GEO related to No. 337-TA-723 investigation, related to certain inkjet ink cartridges.

The U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (US Customs) initially denied entry of the imports and reported the matter to the US International Trade Commission (USITC). Matt Gavronski, Associate General Counsel—Intellectual Property of the Clover Technologies Group assured RT Media that the cartridges do not violate the GEO. “We would greatly appreciate a prompt update to the article,” he wrote.

On the same day, the USITC issued the other seizure and forfeiture order towards a Californian-based company called the CBD Group Inc.

As the legal documents reveal, products imported into the USA by CBD Group Inc., included toner cartridges and components that were denied entry by the US Customs. The company has allegedly violated the GEO related to the 337-TA-918 investigation, resulting in a seizure and forfeiture order.

To date, the number of seizure and forfeiture orders issued against the industry totals 155, with 72 in 2016 alone, and 2 in 2017.

*USITC is the abbreviation for US International Trade Commission.


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