Brother Slovakia Certified Carbon Neutral

Brother Slovakia Certified Carbon Neutral

Brother Slovakia Certified Carbon Neutral

Brother Slovakia Certified Carbon NeutralAccording to Brother, BROTHER INDUSTRIES (SLOVAKIA) was certified carbon neutral by third-party certification organization DNV based on PAS 2060, an international standard to demonstrate carbon neutrality.

Brother claims that the manufacturing facility is the second to be certified within the Brother group after BROTHER INDUSTRIES (U.K.).

Established in Krupina in 2006, BROTHER INDUSTRIES (SLOVAKIA) collects and recycles consumable toner cartridges used in printers and All-in-Ones from all over Europe and remanufactures them to the new standard before shipping them to Brother sales companies.

The company also contributes to resource circulation in other ways such as by removing reusable parts from difficult-to-recycle cartridges and using them for new parts.

BROTHER INDUSTRIES (SLOVAKIA) is working on reducing CO2 emissions through efforts to save energy in its factory and offices including the utilization of a geothermal exchange system for heating and air conditioning, creating power by installing solar panels, and purchasing CO2-free electricity that does not emit CO2 during power generation.

Besides efforts to save energy, the company offset its remaining emissions with carbon credits, purchased through United Nations (UN) Carbon Offset Platform resulting in its Scopes 1 and 2 CO2 emissions being deemed to meet the PAS 2060 standard.

In heading toward fiscal 2030 with the Brother Group Vision “At your side 2030,” the Brother Group declared that it would contribute to the environment and a better future, stating “By being ‘At your side,’ we enable people’s productivity and creativity, contribute to society, and help protect the earth.”

Looking ahead to its environmental goals with the “Brother Group Environmental Vision 2050,” the Brother Group aims to achieve carbon neutrality in all of its business activities and minimize CO2 emissions in the entire value chain in fiscal 2050. Moving forward, the Group will continue to work as one to strengthen its environmental efforts toward a sustainable society.



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