Blue Angel Ecolabels Awarded

13 remanufactured laser cartridges from Armor Office Printing (AOP) have been awarded the German ecolabel Blue Angel.

It is an evidence of the commitment of Armor Office Printing to the environment and product quality, as Blue Angel holds very high standards for evaluation. The Blue Angel Label is to recognize environmental-friendly cartridges which offer high levels of performance in terms of autonomy and print quality. Some requirements for Blue Angel include at least 75% recycled material (50% for the packaging), no toxic substances or heavy metals, and must be part of an integrated collection system.

According to, Armor Office Printing is now the only company in the market to hold three ecolabels: Blue Angel, NF Environnement and Ecolabel Nordic.

It is said that the ecolabel cartridges within the OWA range accounting for more than 70% of AOP’s turnover.

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