HP Launches Home-use Inkjet Printers

HP has launched a series of inkjet printers with its Ink Advantage system, ideal for home use.

The series includes five new inkjet printers and two new Ink Advantage high-capacity cartridges. The cartridges match the quality and reliability of other HP ink cartridges, while they can print twice as much for the same cost.

All of the new printers offer HP ePrint and HP wireless direct printing so that anyone can print immediately from any wireless-enabled devices – without a network.

The launch follows an HP research that revealed the importance placed on education in the UAE among parents and the concern over printing costs, with the need of printing out more and more revision notes and school projects.

Over a fifth of UAE parents would like their child to become an engineer, which one in five parents would opt their child to become an entrepreneur, said the research.

The research indicated the significance of construction and development in the country and the high regard give to strong business acumen.

While becoming a doctor or scientist remains popular with 10 per cent of the parents, other traditional professions such as law and journalism are low on the list of career choices, with just 4 per cent and 1 per cent respectively, said the research.

Education expert professor Sarah Moore said: “Education is the key to success in any career, be that in the journey to becoming a doctor – or a designer. One of the best methods of efficient studying is to print out revision or study notes. Children often find they absorb information better when reading from the page so printing can be a real aid to effective studying.”

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