HP Closes Irish Plants Amidst Clouds of “American First” Policies

HP Inc. has officially responded to the job cut-off of the company’s Irish plants but claims that it has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s nationalist bent policies.

The Irish site of HP located in Leixlip is going to cut around 500 jobs according to the previous report by irishtimes.com. According to another news website independent.ie, HP also shows the tendency to shut down its manufacturing site for its PC and printers businesses in Ireland as well.

HP has announced in a statement, “In line with our previously communicated strategy, HP’s global print business is working to drive continuous efficiencies and cost savings that enable investment in new market opportunities and growth initiatives, such as 3D printing. As a result, we have made the decision to close our global print business at the Leixlip site. ”

Santi Morera, the global head of home printing solutions at HP Inc. said, “Ireland had been competing well in the past, but [with] the engineering and development efficiencies we need, we believe we can achieve in bigger sites in Asia and the U.S.”

Morera also denies that the decision is related to the “‘America First’ policies” called on by the presidential administration or president Trump of the U.S.

The plant is scheduled to close in February, 2018.

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