Apex’s Intro Becomes Event Highlight

At the 2014 Businessinform exhibition held in May in Moscow, Russia, Apex Microelectronics introduced its creative chip reset system Unismart, which attracted most attention from the attendees.

The Unismart system was first introduced six years ago and has been popular ever since. At the event, it impressed the Russian market with its advantageous convenience. According to Apex, Unismart is designed to solve problem such as chip replacement including chip inventory management, import tariff and freight charges, which could be comparatively high across the vast Russian land. It allows users to directly reset chips without changing chip hardware and it charges users by “credit” purchased through the Internet. Thereby, a new chip can be ready through six steps of easy operation.

The company claims Unismart is unparalleled in chip model coverage, model update efficiency as well as user friendliness. Audiences regarded it as a revolutionary product, and commented it will bring more convenience to the refilling business.

In addition to the Unismart chip resetting system, Apex also showcased its SOC chips. As the most cutting edge chip technology in the industry, the company said, SOC features communication rates closer to OEM, and many more chip functions; chips with SOC technology are therefore more stable and reliable on OEM firmware update resistance. Apex claims it has the right to use the exclusive self-IP CPU core within the industry, which is the premise of Apex SOC designs for various chip function requirements.

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