Being A Cartridge World Partner for 20 Years

Being A Cartridge World Partner for 20 Years

Being A Cartridge World Partner for 20 Years

Being A Cartridge World Partner for 20 YearsCartridge World Cyprus is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021.  Cartridge World told RT Media that it acquired a prominent position in the printing, electronic and general office supplies industry in Cyprus during the long and successful presence in the country.

“With unique recycling mentality as a core value in business, Cartridge World established recycling of toners and cartridges in Cyprus,” said the spokesman of Cartridge World.

Taking this opportunity, Cartridge World interviewed Duncan Glover (pictured), the Managing Director of Cartridge World Cyprus.

1. Who is Cartridge World Cyprus?

Cartridge World is a global franchise offering print solution expertise for office and home printing via own-brand ink and toner cartridges. Established in Australia, the desire from the start was to reuse empty toners and inks and the idea of refilling began. Refill has developed in sophistication over a quarter-century into an industry that offers high quality re-manufactured and gives a second life to otherwise single-use plastics.

2. Why recycle and why in Cyprus?

The idea of offering a WIN-WIN for the Customer and the Environment greatly appealed to me as a business model. The customer saves 30-70% on expensive printer cartridges and when empty returns them for reuse again, which in turn helps the environment. As to why Cyprus. Well! Who wouldn’t want to live on this great island with all it has to offer? I did, so my family relocated here and we set up Cartridge World from scratch.

3. What is the one main benefit a customer will get from Cartridge World Cyprus?

That depends I would say upon what the home or business customer is looking for. Some seek savings as a priority and for sure we offer that. But others were eco-conscious first and remain loyal customers to this day, for example the big pharma Company Remedica; their desire for ‘printing green’ lead them to use our toners for the last 17 years and as a result they have offset 25 tonnes of C02 and saved 13.4 tonnes from landfill.

4. What did you achieve in the last 20 years?

We have given employment to 20 skilled staff, several have stayed with us almost since the start.  We operate 6 stores and online shop with prompt delivery to businesses across the island. Our combined efforts saved over half a million printer cartridges from landfill in Cyprus. Recently we engaged Trustpilot to gather reviews from our customers and are proud to maintain a 4.9/5 excellent rating from over 1000 reviews.

5. What is your carbon footprint?

We put the environment at the heart of our business and for 20 years have taken the following actions.

  • In a bid to reduce single-use plastic we promoted the return of every printer ink and toner we put into the market. As licensed collectors we are responsible for their future re-use or end-of-life recycling with zero waste.
  • We have only ever given away paper bags, never plastic!
  • With technicians in every store, we promote Repair, starting with free diagnosis, on a no-fix-no-fee basis plus a warranty on our repair work.
  • We promote Open Box and refurbished hardware which aids a circular economy.
  • We strive to be more efficient still and look forward to more eco-friendly delivery vehicles.

6. How green are your products and services?

Our own brand ink and toners are mostly refilled – remanufactured so are very green and once returned to us are reused again. In addition, we promote the world’s first Bio-toner from Pelikan, an exciting development where the plastic and the toner itself comprise about 50% bio material. Hence we adopted the slogan: Save Money – Print Green!

Promoting a win-win for the customers pocket as well as the environment lead us to offer Repair, Refurbished IT, Refill, Remanufactured – why do all these words begin with the letter ‘R’?

7. Are there any environmental organizations you have partnered with?

We are licensed by the Ministry of Environment to collect and manage our waste cartridges. We are about to launch collection bins for ink cartridges and a TAP freepost service for returning inks via the postal system in association with ‘Lets Make Cyprus Green’ a NGO non-profit that promotes refill and reuse.

8. What feedback have you received so far from people on the outside of the company in regards to your green performance?

Each year we give a Green Office Award certificate to every businesses customer that buys toner and returns the empty to us, noting their contribution to C02 and landfill, so this is unexpected and well received.

I am frustrated with the slow uptake towards common-sense solutions and actions that could make a real impact on climate change. In politics and business the environment is still a secondary issue and still not the priority it should be. I fear that a few well-meaning Companies and individuals will not have the scale needed to prevent global warming and plastic pollution, it requires a major shift from big industry and that is unlikely to happen fast enough without world-wide changes in legislation to force change. Everyone must put the planet before short term profits and current lifestyle. The next 2-3 years are critical!



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