Ninestar Completes Smart Chip Modification

Ninestar Image Tech Limited (Ninestar), a sales subsidiary of the Seine Group, announced it has completed the modification of its chips to display a “Non-HP Supply Installed” message, in compliance with HP’s recent White Paper.

As was revealed by Ninestar, its engineering change began in June 2013 with its 05A, 55X and 530A toner cartridges for use in HP printers. Ninestar said this change will not affect print quality, adding that “With such a change, the display status screen or supply status page will not recognize a Ninestar cartridge as a genuine HP product when it is installed but rather represent it as a non-HP product.”

In addition to extending its message change plan to cover other models of cartridges, Ninestar noted that it will continue the R&D of new chip solutions in the future and provide IP safe compatible products to global customers.

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