Prolaser Branch Inaugurated in Guadalajara

Prolaser Company, one of the most prestigious in our industry in Mexico, takes another step towards success by opening its branch in Guadalajara. This city is one of the largest in the country and is in the top 5 market size for print cartridge recyclers.

“Our main interest is to continue to support companies engaged in remanufacture print cartridges” commented Guillermo Avila, owner and CEO of Prolaser; “our supplies have the highest quality at competitive prices; we have courses, manuals, information and all the support they recyclers requires to grow their business, “said Avila, who has always been one of the biggest drivers of our industry.

Those attending the inauguration could take refresher courses taught by experts from Future Graphics, as well as technical staff from Prolaser. At the end of the seminars, attendees enjoyed a great fellowship, full of the joy of Mexico.

Mexico remains one of the largest markets in the consumption of remanufactured cartridges, which continues to give a strong fight against the clone cartridges, from the trenches of every recycler’s business.

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