Static Control Strengthens its Position in Central & Eastern Europe

Static Control (SCC) has partnered with three resellers in Romania.

Sky Group, Timi Import Export and Toko, who had long-standing relationships with Static Control, will bring more than 50 years’ combined knowledge and experience of the imaging industry in Romania.

Andrzej Jaswin, Static Control’s Regional Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, said: “Static Control is committed in its support of the Eastern European region and the territories within it. Sky Group, Toko and Timi Import Export all bring a wealth of expertise from the perspective of both the territory and the industry itself, placing us in the best possible position to deliver the timely and efficient service this growing region demands.”

“We are delighted to make this development within the Romanian market with these highly respected resellers. It allows us to increase our availability across the area within an established distribution network, providing access to our products on a just-in-time basis. This in turn will help to meet the ever-changing needs of remanufacturers with a broadened range of products and services, at the speed in which they require them,” added Jaswin.

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