Megain Rolls Out Replacement Chips for Samsung Printers

Megain Rolls Out Replacement Chips for Samsung Printers

A new series of replacement chips used in a range of Samsung printers has been released.

Hong Kong based Megain Technology Pte Ltd claims they have successfully engineered Aftermarket chips for use in MLT-D201 /CLT-404 /CLT-403 /MLT-D118 /CLT-503 printers as well as Samsung MLT-D704 /MLT-K706 /CLT-804 /CLT-806 printers.

According to Megain, their newly launched chips’ perform as well as the OEMs’ products, in terms of life, yield, and image quality.

Megain also noted that these particular Samsung’s laser printers are designed for small-and-medium-sized enterprises and workgroup users. Also, Samsung’s C30 series of printers can provide good text and image quality while offering a lower total cost of ownership. In addition, the Samsung ProXpress M4080FX/M4030ND series can scan three times faster than other conventional printer models.

Megain added that Samsung MLT series of printers have combined the functions of printing, copying and scanning, and own a powerful CPU. Meanwhile, they can provide a high monthly duty cycle and durability, so enterprises can save both time and expenditures by using those printers.

Detailed information of the new products as following:

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